5 reasons to start a career in IT

5 reasons to start a career in IT

In the digital age, programmers have become the most popular and best-paid specialists worldwide. It’s not just companies that need programmers. Today, most business areas operate on innovative computers, programs and technology solutions. All of this can be controlled by its professionals. However, the industry lacks the equipped programmers. And in the future, this lack of professionals will feel even more. Is it tempting? He has also got why, because all the good specialists are appreciated, and companies and organizations want to hire the best skilled by providing them with motivating salaries. 

One thing is clear – those who know how to create the code will have a bright future as the future of this profession. Stop wasting time with outdated activities or hobbies – invest in knowledge that guarantees you a lot of benefits. Today we are presenting 5 important reasons that will make you become a programmer.

  1. The programmers are well paid. 
    The programmer profession is very current and profitable. Do you know why this profession offers many advantages? Because it is practically impossible for a company to hire another specialist instead of a programmer!  Even if you are a beginner programmer, active within a company or a freelancer, the salary you will win will be a very good one. 
    The employees in the information and communication sector in Romania had the highest monthly salary in the first quarter of 2021 - about 20.000 lei. The lowest value of the salary gain had those who work in the field of agriculture, forestry and fishing – a little over 4.800 lei.  The average wages in the Moldovan Republic amount to 8.468 lei, according to the data of the National Statistics Office (INS) accumulated in the first three months of 2021.
  2. Get a job easily.
    As mentioned above, all companies need good programmers! You can put your skills into practice in several ways: You engage with a successful company and work with a team of experienced programmers.  Or, you can work independently right from the start by working on a self-employed career.  This will lead you to collaborate with different customers on various projects, establishing new partnerships. 
  3. You can activate as a freelancer.
    Most freelancers use various online platforms to find new customers and new projects. The advantage of this job is that it allows you to determine your work program individually – the important thing is to complete your project within the set deadline. 
    It is obvious that freelancers earn better and have more opportunities.  They choose the projects they want to work on so that they get very good wages.  If you are also able to obtain international certifications, which are highly appreciated by all its companies, you can build a successful career abroad.  And the experience you will gain will be an important business card.
  4. Programmers can be advanced quickly.
    It workers know it is not easy to move from junior to senior level, but good programmers can move forward quickly.  A skilled specialist will focus on acquiring basic knowledge, which he will then be able to improve throughout his career. There is a useful principle in programming – the more you work, the more you learn, and the more you practice, the better you schedule.
    In programming results are very good, so you will always be rewarded for success. From light projects to very complex projects, there is a short way to go if you know to work effectively, control time, acquire new skills and appreciation.
  5. IT employees have many opportunities.
    Programming is a current, highly popular profession, which has led to the creation of a race between professionals. Winners are always becoming those who catch opportunities and invest in new knowledge. Learning a programming language has become much easier today. Thus, as you are already employed or just stepping into the world of information technologies, you have access to online courses, video tutorials and educational materials, which are available on the Internet. Because programmers work hard in front of the computer, large companies take care of the health and satisfaction of their employees, so they offer them free snacks, refreshments and leisure time for recreation. Often, employees are organized trips, refresher events and teambuilding activities. Sounds good, isn't it?  Finally, we tell you a secret - the better you are a programmer, the better the company you will be in and will offer you even more opportunities!

Trends in programming, high wages and appreciation are very attractive.  However, to become a top program and enjoy these things requires superior skills, and this is possible because of the environment you work in and the seriousness with which you treat your work. The appointment is just one of the modern professions that requires experience if you want to become a model expert.  Doctors, architects, economists, designers and many other specialists are improving in their work all their lives, as are the programmers.  


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