What does a full-stack developer do

What does a full-stack developer do

A job highly sought by employers, being considered the equivalent of a front-end and back-end team, able to analyze and optimally develop the project as a whole. 
Although virtually all professions in it are in high demand, one is more important than all. We are talking about full stack developers, experts who have a wide range of knowledge.  
So today we dedicate our article to team captains or better yet full stack programrs. What are they doing? What are the benefits of a full Stack Developer? How can you become one! 

What does a full stack developer do?

There are several types of programrs focused on expert resolution of a particular type of task. These professionals are very well qualified in a particular field and do not deal with things that come out of their sphere of knowledge. On the other hand, a full stack developer may not be the top expert in his field, but it covers many areas. In general, it experts know very well: 

  1. HTML/CSS;
  2. JavaScript;
  3. Backend programming languages; 
  4. Databases; 
  5. HTTP.

"Full stack" means having the knowledge necessary to complete a project. That is why these professionals are the connective tissue of projects, given that they understand and know every stage of development. Thus, in the same team there can be frontend, backend and full stack experts. Moreover, in some cases, a full stack expert can replace an entire development team.  
What knowledge is needed for a full stack developer? 
If, 20 years ago, a developer had to know only HTML and CSS to be considered a full stack programr, today things are quite different. 
Today, a full stack developer is the person who can work with servers, databases, systems engineering, and the ability to understand the needs of the customer to materialize them. 

The it industry needs all kinds of experts, and who will be hired depends primarily on the characteristics of the project and its ambitions. In many cases, what makes a full stack developer is more than enough for a successful project.  
The advantages of the role of full stack developer 

It experts are known for having sought-after and highly paid knowledge globally. On the one hand, there is the possibilityto become an expert in a certain field, and on the other hand, to choose the role of full stack developer that involves the decision to know everything about everything. There are several reasons why this role is a good idea.  

Although there are different opinions about the role of full stack developer, companies are constantly looking for experts in this field. The reasons are numerous: 

  • knowledge of the complete work process; 
  • facilitated control; 
  • reduced costs; 
  • effective implementation of different elements; 
  • teamwork.  

As an it expert, you should always take into account the development of technology. New technological trends dictate the needs of the industry, so you always have to be up to date. And while some experts look with concern at the new trends in the world, full stack developers have no cause for concern.  


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