The difference between B2B and B2C

The difference between B2B and B2C

B2B and B2C are two large separate worlds in sales. Entrepreneurs often fail because they do not understand that the rules of the B2B and B2C game are completely different. In this article too, we will analyze in simple language - how they differ exactly and how we can play in these markets to win. What, however, are the differences between a Business to Business (B2B) and one Business to Consumer (B2C) platform? 

From the beginning, it is understood that a B2B website or online store refers to the site or store of a company whose customers are legal persons. Unlike a B2C website or shop that is usually a company that has a target group the individuals / final consumer.

How is a B2B website distinguished from a B2C website? 

Organize and navigate

An online store B2B often has thought-out navigation that makes it easier to place an order as quickly as possible. More detailed categories may also be present, as well as organization, a legal person usually is more informed about the products that wish to purchase them.  Also often there are some forms/configurations that allow B2B customers to reach the desired products more quickly.  

Searching for products

Often in B2B using the stock-keeping unit (SKU) search or product code. This is vital for a B2B online store because many supplier customers usually look for a specific product for their customers. This makes less use of generalist searches, as in the case of a B2C shop.  Also, in a B2B store, you can usually find as many details and technical specifications as possible about the products or services offered. 


Design one B2B website should inspire professionalism and trust. If you want to attract as many customers as possible to become long-term partners, then you must understand that the image matters. If on a B2C platform the design sells, when we discuss B2B it can have a much greater impact. You must be careful to provide the best possible quality for all available resources.

The audience

The target audience of a B2B, the platform is different from a B2C website. Regardless of the area in which you are active, the audience of a B2B website is finished in industry and influenced by motivation. Potential partners seek to be motivated by certain benefits from a B2B partnership. 


As with a B2C company, the brand plays a very important role. With a professional image, you will inspire the confidence and security your partners need.  
Although conversion to B2B is more logical, there are some key elements in a partnership that appeal to emotions. Just like in a different way than in a B2C conversion. 


Usually, a B2C website has as its primary purpose of immediate conversion. In the case of a B2B website, we usually focus on a long-term contractual relationship with customers. Just from this way of looking at conversions, all the content of the site, advertisements and all the ways you choose to promote yourself are symmetrically different versus those of a B2C website or store. 

You need a B2B store if your business sells to other businesses. There are too many differences between B2B and B2C to discuss all in one Article. In addition to this, every business is unique and needs solutions designed for it and its customers that meet 3 very important criteria when we talk about a B2B company: Stable, scalable and performance. 


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