Professional reconversion. Why it's never too late to get into IT

Professional reconversion. Why it's never too late to get into IT

Professional reconversion is not an easy process, because many people think that if you don’t have a specialized degree, you cannot work in another field.  

This is starting to change in IT. 
The important thing is not to stop learning. The IT field is growing rapidly, and you must always be up-to-date with the new trends. For example, if you decide to study JavaScript, you will also need to master a lot of related technologies in order to compete as a good specialist in the market. 

For the learning process to be effective, put everything into practice immediately. When you see that you can put your accumulated knowledge into practice, you will be motivated to grow professionally. The relationship between your personality and your professional appearance should be equivalent. 

There is always a solution if you have lost a job, or maybe you had a burn-out crisis, professional retraining, it is the solution that can inspire you to know new areas of activity and broaden your professional horizons. 

If you feel that you are no longer in the right place at the right time, then it is time for a professional retraining. 
Spoiler alert! This article does not contain statistical data or any kind of scientific-psychological conclusions, instead it is an article with advice and recommendations from the Creative Soft team. 

  • Perseverance and courage. 

Foremost, you will need as much perseverance and a little courage as possible. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to get out of your comfort zone and change your field of activity. The good part is that we have enough examples and models of personalities who made this transition and who don’t regret the choice made. 

  • In search of the right role.

The software field is a sufficiently diverse and vast one, which is why we recommend analyzing which programming language would be closer and interesting to you. With a research, you can better understand the direction you want to go. 

  • Constant learn 

There is a rule in programming – “You never learn too much!” We recommend that you enrol in an internship program, or maybe take an independent course to learn a programming language. Another option would be to find a mentor to guide you along the way as a junior developer, or the mentor can become your source of inspiration and the sympathetic compulsion to practice when you are lazy. 

  • Update your resume. 

By acquiring the necessary knowledge from an internship or individual course, do not forget to update your CV, specifying the new skills accumulated. It should include in addition to professional skills, and practical ones, so you should not forget to include the projects you have worked on. The best option is to have a portofolio with all the projects included. 

  • Profile on LinkedIn  

Well, now that we have our CV ready, all we have to do is create a current and optimized LinkedIn profile. As LinkedIn has become a right-hand tool for recruiters, it is important to express as coherently and clearly as possible the desire to be an employee of a software company. 
The IT community has always encouraged and supported the professional reconversion of people passionate about software, precisely for this reason, this is a suitable environment for junior developers. 

It’s time to find the right inspiration and motivation that will help you get involved and be more active professionally. You have every chance to find a job that matches your values and your mission. You just have to try.  


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