The most innovative web design trends for 2022

The most innovative web design trends for 2022

Web design trends are constantly changing. In 2022 we will see that designers play with the extremes, reinvent the previous styles and continuously experiment with new techniques. At the same time, there are certain conservative styles that simply will not disappear, such as the ever-present minimalism and the colorful flat illustrations that we have been seeing for some time, of course on correctly made websites. 

In this regard, we conducted a research on web design trends for 2022 and decided to share them with you in this article: 

  • Minimalism and simplified navigation 

Intrusive advertising, alerts and pop-up windows? The browsing experience is full of stimuli, so users appreciate the break offered by simple and minimalist websites. 
Clean web design with a few carefully selected elements helps your website visitors focus on what’s really important so they can perform the actions you’re looking for. 
Another closely related web design trend is simplified navigation. The easier it is to get to what they are looking for, the more likely users are to convert. Reducing navigation menus will help you simplify the user experience and can also help you increase the speed of your site.

  •  Split screen

Split screen or split screen is an interesting approach, both esthetically and functionally for a website. The function and shape of the split screen did not change significantly.  An innovative technique is dividing the screen diagonally. This simple modification attracts the user’s attention, captivating his attention. That's why it's worth a try. 
Another advantage of this web design technique is that it matches any type of content. From small sites to massive content, this new concept is engaging for users and has high functionality. 

  • Microanimations and microinteractions 

A website that encourages users to interact or surprises with small animations is a really great one. But for these interventions it should be in the true sense of the word “micro”. A small animation, strategically placed to interact with the user, is welcome, as long as it will not prevent him from using the site. 
They can be used to tell a story or to show something interesting or simply to activate the user.  This solution can even include well-chosen modal windows or animations that run automatically and can surprise visitors. 

  • Color overlays and transparency 

Another concept in web design with increased popularity is the use of the overlay of a transparent color over an image or video. This technique is popular because it helps to create a layering effect that makes it easier to include text over an image, increasing the contrast grands between the two. 
Web designers use this technique to make the background image hard to see at first glance. 
Esthetically, it has multiple benefits. There is plenty of texture and depth provided by the overlap, which creates more visual interest compared to a moncolor background. 

  • Color gradients and the effect of „steamed glass” 

Radiances have evolved from subtle effects to color image backgrounds. They can be used to add depth and texture or to give a touch of personality to your site, especially when combined with large fonts. 
On the other hand, recent advances in web technology have made it much easier to implement the “steamed glass” effect on websites. This allows you to add color to different areas of the page without affecting the readability of the text and images that are placed on them. 

Old trends must also be taken into account. But trends are the ones that attract new generations of customers and come in response to the tastes and preferences that a user adapts over time and technology used.functionality and esthetics remain the basic principles of your website design this year to be able to create this way a pleasant experience for users who visit your pages.  And even though new futuristic technologies and tools have already appeared on the market that seem risky, it’s a great opportunity to try them out to leave your customers impressed. 


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