UX vs UI. The difference and the impact on digital companies

UX vs UI. The difference and the impact on digital companies

In recent years, thanks to the evolution of technology, users’ expectations have increased more and more, they want to always have access to the best solutions. The phenomenon occurs especially in the business area: the more successful the website or a solution implemented in a company, the better the results obtained.  

When it comes to custom software products, user satisfaction is very important, so specialists are increasingly turning their attention to the UI and UX components, as they combine the functionality, appearance and ease of use of an application. Organizations that use intuitive interface solutions can benefit from numerous advantages, the most important of which are the increase in profit and customer retention.

UX-design and UI-design, two very different disciplines that work in harmony! But at the same time there are two of the most commonly confused terms in web design and application design. That’s why we decided to explain how things are! 

What is UX - design? 
User experience – UX is a complex, multidimensional concept that incorporates a range of disciplines. These include human-computer interaction, usability, visual design, information architecture, and interaction design. 
According to the Oxford Journal “computer interactions”, UX business design is about improving customer loyalty and satisfaction through the ease of use, utility, and pleasure of interacting with a particular product. 
Basically, UX design refers to the process of creating user-friendly products, making it easy for users to interact with them. By improving the user experience of your products, users will be able to find value in what you have to offer. That said, there is no comprehensive explanation for what user experience design is. 

What is UI – design? 
Fundamentally, the UI is concerned with the visual elements of an experience or product. It incorporates the design of text, images, buttons, icons, screens, and all other visual experiences with which a user will perceive and interact. While it sounds simple, companies approach UI design in different ways, but with the same ultimate goal. 
According to a Wikipedia Article, the ultimate goal of UI design is to make user interaction with a product or service as simple and effective as possible. UI designers use the principles of user-centered design to make it easier for the user to achieve goals. 
Ken Norton, a partner at Google Ventures and a former product manager at Google, explains User Interface design in a fairly simple way.  According to Ken, the UI design is centered around the surface of a product, that is, how the product looks and how it works. 

The impact of UX and UI design for online businesses. 
For effective results when implementing a customized application, any company, regardless of the industry in which it operates, should focus on using a friendly platform, as this will greatly improve the user experience. For example, if a website is too complicated and raises a lot of problems for users, they will drop out of the session and thus the online traffic will decrease. The same is true for software products: If they prove to be too complicated, users need specialized support from the it department for training and maintenance, and this is a situation that many companies do not want to encounter. 

These are some of the most important things that will make an impact on your business: 

  1. User adaptability: The easier a person understands the application he or she is going to use, the better the results will be and the easier it will be to achieve the company’s goals; 
  2. Brand consolidation: Through UI/UX design, companies can strengthen their reputation and brand, both among their own employees and potential customers. 
  3. Increased user satisfaction: Optimized design will be reflected in user behavior; 
  4. Sustainable growth: By implementing the right UI/UX, your company can accelerate its development without changing its budget. 

A modern custom design is more than just creating an attractive website. Our web design and development team focuses on utility and responsive design, creative branding solutions that provide your business personality and personalized programming to translate your vision into design. 


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