Web designer Daniel Revenco has created a children's game that allows them to enter the role of the doctor

Web designer Daniel Revenco has created a children's game that allows them to enter the role of the doctor

The doctor's office is the place where children would least like to be. How do we help them overcome their fear of surgical instruments and make friends with medical staff? Through games! That's why web designer Daniel Revenco has created a children's game application that gives them the special mission to perform real surgeries. Children have the opportunity to feel like real doctors, working in a hospital equipped with the necessary tools to treat patients' injuries. "Surgery Doctor Cabinet - Become a doctor" is a game for children aged 3 years, but statistics show that the game is also used by people over 20 years.

The application is available, for now, only on Android, but the iOS version is also being prepared. The game is useful because it stimulates children's imagination and helps them understand that the doctor is the one who treats us and finds solutions to all our health problems. After playing this game, the visit to the doctor will surely become a real adventure for children. How the game works you can see here https://fb.watch/7RrC0OmMJe/.

"My child had a book with a similar game, only it was made of paper - then the idea came to me to create this game in digital format. Thus, the game has become much more real and can be played by other children. The process of making the application - design, development and preparation for launch took 3 months. In the near future I will launch a new game for the phone, which will allow users to enter the role of the dentist ", said Daniel Revenco.

Even though Information Technology plays a key role in our lives, excessive use of phones and other devices can lead to serious health and behaviour problems. I asked Daniel what he thinks about children's dependence on gadgets, how it manifests itself and what we can do to avoid this phenomenon. Here is what he answered us!

"With the growing digitalization of the world, we will not be able to avoid the frequent use of gadgets and I do not think that parents should forbid their children to use the phone. Information technologies have influenced the whole world, changing the way of life of everyone. However, not all people can have a special attraction to IT as not all can become programmers.

Possible addiction to gadgets in young children causes emotional, psychological disorders and even muscle tics. Therefore, I recommend that children up to the age of 6 do not spend more than an hour a day in front of the computer or playing on the phone. As an example, my child has access to the phone only 2 hours a week. He knows that he is no longer allowed and does not oppose, because we have a well-established rule.

Gadget addiction develops in the absence of rules or when rules exist but are not followed. The best solution would be for parents to set clear rules and no restrictions, for example - one hour of play a day on the phone. Children learn through play, whether it takes place in the yard, on the phone or by flipping through some books. They are curious and have the right to explore the world around them in all its forms. Parents are the ones who have to teach their children to use all resources efficiently ”


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