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5 elements that any main page of a website must contain to attract customers

A website when it is developed must be intuitively contrived for end users and must provide excellent user experience. That is why it is very important to know what key elements a web page should contain in order to attract customers and to attract the right audience. We invite you to discover together these key elements:

1. Title
From the first 3 seconds, a website should tell the user what kind of website it is. The title should be short and simple.

2. Subtitle
The subtitle usually describes what you do or what you offer. Be concise and clear. Do not just talk about yourself, make it catchy enough for your users.

3. Calls to action
The goal of your wesbite and main page first is to make users access other pages and go further into the funnel. Adds 2-3 calls to action on your main page, we're sure it'll work.

4. Support images
Often, people are more visual than textual. Which means using images is important to attract users' attention. Choose fine images that somehow capture emotions or actions.

5. List the benefits
It is not enough to describe what you are doing, what you are doing or what you are selling. You also need to say why it is important for users to choose you and not your competitor, say this on the front page of your website. Write the benefits in a simple and easy to understand way. It's the basic principle of on-line communication.

6. Testimonials
Testimonials are a powerful indicator that can help build customer confidence in the product you offer. Include some testimonials on the website, pick out the most sincere ones, add pictures and links to the social profiles of those who have given you these testimonials.

These are some items to include on a main page of a website. But remember, when you create the website to think from the perspective of a customer rather than a seller, you will have the chance that more users become loyal.