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7 interesting ideas about what you can do during quarantine #StayAtHome

With the spread of the virus in our country, a state of emergency has been declared and we all have to stay home. But this is not a reason to panic, be bored or depressed! Look at the situation from another perspective and use your free time for good. In order to not get bored, we have prepared some useful ideas for what you can do during quarantine:



Work from home

If you work from home you will not waste additional time daily to prepare everything to go out and the road to get there. Therefore, you can earn even a few hours a day, which you can use as you wish, to get work done or to just relax!



Improve your CV - the most important document of your career.

Most of the time, the CV can make the difference between us and the competition in the labor market. That is why we need to dedicate maximum attention to it and try to build a personalized and professional CV. Whether you're fired or just have a few extra hours off, there's no better time to better your professional and personal skills and add more perfection to your portfolio :)



Take online courses that can help you advance your career or business!

In the past, if you wanted to specialize in a particular area, you had to travel hundreds of kilometers, pay exorbitant amounts of money for certain courses and even so, you didn't hold back much of what was presented. Now, however, you can become much better in many areas in your comfort zone of your home, wherever you are, at any time, having access to the best information through the Internet! Online courses offer you mobility - you can access them anywhere, and you don't even need a computer - most websites are adaptable to your smart phone. Don't hesitate!



Learn a new language

The knowledge of a foreign language has become a real necessity nowadays, beyond the opportunities that are given to us by having the fluency in speaking of one or more  international languages. Many people wish they had learned another language when they were younger, and it may now be a real challenge to get started, but as we have at least three weeks of leisure time - when else will it be the right time if not now ?!



Learn how to cook

It is important to stay as healthy as possible at the moment, and home cooking plays a crucial role. Since you can no longer go to the canteen for lunch and you cannot afford to order food every time, now is the time to learn how to prepare your favorite food yourself!


Read a new book / finish the one you've already started

Didn't your routine allow you time to read your favorite book? A book can relax us better than a walk in the park or when listening to music. And nowadays, if we can still allow the luxury of listening to music - we can't say the same thing about outdoor walks that are forbidden because of quarantine. Now you have more time than ever for reading. Read! Many online portals  and libraries have opened access to paid items. Let's take advantage of it!


Movie marathon!

Make time for yourself and your loved ones! Even if all theaters are closed, we should not be sad! It's the perfect opportunity to relax at home while eating your favorite popcorn and watching hundreds of interesting movies. By the way, it's obvious that you'll spend less money if you buy those chips and juice to be enjoyed at home instead of buying it at the cinema.


You're still missing for an interesting hobby in boring quarantine? Well, start developing your own online business plan and scedule it's opening in the online environment, starting from creating a design, developing a website and advertising it online. The CreativSoft team is here to help you achieve your biggest goals!