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What is Web Hosting and how to choose the right package for your website

What is Web Hosting and how to choose the right package for your website?

A site is based on two defining elements: web hosting and domain. Web hosting, or web hosting, is a service that companies and individuals need to publish an Internet site that can be accessed by visitors online. This involves renting space for a certain period on a particular server that has a permanent Internet connection and is physically located in a computer center.

But, to use this rented space, a domain name is required. Therefore, a hosting server is equipped with an IP that can be accessed via the Internet, and the domain is the name that will be assigned to the site instead of the IP. It may have a .com, .org, .net, .edu or shortening termination: .md, .ro, .au, .ru, etc. Finally, the quality of the domain name, but also the quality and security of the web hosting will depend on the value of the site. Hosting must be fast and accessible to users - a site that stops will not take priority on Google, and visitors will not be pleased with it.

There are different web hosting packages that respond to different types of business and activities. Some web hosting companies will build your entire site, while others will just prepare your land and let you take care of everything individually. So to avoid unpleasant situations and get quality service, you need to choose a credible web hosting company that offers efficient packages. Once you search the web hosting market and analyze the features of each package, you will be able to choose the service that best suits your company's needs.

Among the most popular web hosting packages are:

Free web hosting - shows zero initial costs. However, if you do not have the knowledge in the field, you need technical support to install the application and be able to solve any problems. So there will be additional costs.

Shared web hosting - involves placing all files belonging to multiple sites on the same server. Thus, these sites share the system resources - hard disk space, ram memory, processor. This is the most widely used type of web hosting and is usually used to host small or medium sized business presentation websites or online stores.

Reseller web hosting - is the type of hosting where the account holder has the ability to sell third-party system resources, such as disk space or allocated bandwidth. Webdesign or web developers often use this type of hosting.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) - has many elements in common with Shared web hosting, which differentiates them from the fact that the resources are larger and their distribution is based on names, IPs and ports.

Hosting on a dedicated server - within this package, web hosting companies offer rental of entire servers. Thus, the customer can directly control the servers and system resources.

The top 10 hosting companies in 2017, according to the site top10bestwebsitehosting.com, you can see below:

The items you need to attract attention to when choosing the right host are as follows:

- Choose a company that offers unlimited hosting services;

- Make sure you have plenty of disk space;

- Choose a host that offers unlimited subdomains;

- The host must be fast. And one more thing, the speed is directly proportional to the host's price, and in order to avoid overloading the site, and a possible penalty on the part of Google, substantial investment is needed in the quality of the site. And ultimately you will get the results as well.