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Why Promote Your Business Through Google Ads?

Google Adwords is an online advertising system where the customer pays only when a person has visited the page.

A well-optimized adwords campaign means:

- Keywords describing the promoted product

- short and promotional advertisements that contain the benefits of the promoted product;

- Offers, call to action messages

- the page where the visitor reaches after clicking on the ad has a very tight link with those keywords searched by the visitor and the text ad.

1. Your ad appears only to interested people - Your ad appears only when a person is searching for your product / service. A correctly built Adwords campaign has maximum goals!

2. Your ad appears only when someone needs it - Not only do you not advertise people who are not interested in promotions (such as banner exchange / purchase, link shopping, etc.) but the product / service you are displayed exactly at the time requested by the customer.

3. Monitoring Visitors - You will be able to analyze the behavior of every person who is interested in your product / service. Important decisions are made in terms of concrete facts and not intuition!

4. The cost is according to the needs of each client - You can start an advertising campaign with $ 5. There is no minimum cost to be invested in Adwords. You can stop the investment just as quickly.

5. Changes have almost immediate effect - You can edit your ad very easily and the changes are made in a few seconds. For example, if you promote a store and an offer appears, it can be added instantly.

6. Testing ads and content - This is another strength. You can test multiple types of ads, messages, offers, and then choose the one with the maximum conversion rate.

7. Pay per visitor - Each leu spent means a potential customer on your site. You pay only when a person is directly interested in the product you are promoting. You can also opt for pay-per-view, but in this context, traffic analysis is more difficult to analyze.

I convinced you?

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